Standard Range Rubber Dock Bumper

The standard rubber dock bumper is the most popular and is designed to protect a loading dock from reversing HGV’s. It can be attached using a back plate and its life can be extended greatly if installed with a front plate, (not available with the 2410 model)

DB1810 Rubber Dock Bumper

Dimensions: 250x450x100mm
Weight: 11kg
also available DB18106 model

DB2410 Rubber Dock Bumper

Dimensions: 250x600x108mm
Weight: 15.5kg

DB3010 Rubber Dock Bumper

Dimensions: 250x750x100mm
Weight: 19.5 kg

DB1818 L-Shaped Rubber Bumper

Dimensions: 440x440x95mm
Weight: 12Kg This L shaped bumper gives extra protection along the top edge of the loading dock

Polyethylene Range Dock Bumper

This range is similar in many respects to the standard rubber bumper in terms of capability. This model however has a low friction co-efficient front plate made from 40mm thick ultra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene.

DB1810 Polyethylene Bumper

Dimensions: 250x450x115mm
Weight: 13.5 Kg

DB3010 Polyethylene Dock Bumper

Dimensions: 250x750x115mm
Weight: 22Kg

The N6 range of dock bumper

The range has a large impact area with no holes in the face plate for the back of the truck to snag on. The 50mm thick face can slide freely up and down in its steel cradle back plate. This bumper is available in the following sizes;

N6/450 110 Nylon Dock Bumper

Dimensions 275x465x110mm
Weight: 27Kg

N6/450 160 Nylon Dock Bumper

Dimensions: 280x465x160mm
Weight: 37.5Kg

N6/750 110 Nylon Dock Bumper

Dimensions: 270x760x110mm
Weight: 46Kgs

N6/750 165 Nylon Dock Bumper

Dimensions: 275x760x165mm
Weight: 63Kg

Front/Back Plate & Sliding Bumper

Front Plate

Dimensions: 255x460x65mm
Weight: 16.5Kg
This front plate has 50mm side cheeks making it much stronger than a flat plate. The bumper behind it compresses to absorb the impact of a reversing trailer.
Also available to fit:

Back Plate

Dimensions: 255x460x15mm
Weight: 15kg
It is easier and quicker to replace damaged bumpers or studs fixed to a back plate compared to those fixed directly into concrete.

Above dock bumper bracket

Dimensions: 250x255x250 mm
Weight: 13kg
This above dock bumper bracket allows standard back plate and dock bumper assemblies to be fixed 250mm above the dock height to prevent vehicles over-riding. Brackets are finished in yellow (RAL 1028) powder coat finish.

Sliding Bumper

Dimensions: 250x720x66mm
Weight: 35.5Kgs
A spring loaded back plate compatible with a selection of 450mm high dock bumpers. It allows the bumper to slide down as the trailer is loaded; returning when the trailer moves away.