Dock shelters

Dock shelters and seals provide protection from the outside elements on the loading bay by helping to create an effective seal between the vehicle and building, maintaining comfortable working conditions and protecting the goods being loaded or unloaded. They are also a proven barrier against insects and airborne pollutants.

Warehouses and logistic companies can now choose from a wide range of different shelters and seals based on vehicles using the bay, the type of goods being loaded/unloaded and the layout of the loading bay. Particular consideration is given to cold store environments where temperature control is essential.

Dockright are ISO9001:2015 accredited which shows our ability as a manufacturer to deliver the desired product consistently, meeting customer needs and expectations. As a trade supplier this means that our customers can confidently brand our shelters as their own and be satisfied they are selling a superbly manufactured and reliable product.

DR101 Foam Pad Seal

DR200HD Static Shelter

DR300HD Retractable Shelter

DR400 Inflatable Shelter, Insulated

DR400B Inflatable Shelter, Non Insulated

DR600 Combination Shelter, Inflatable Head, Foam Pad Sides

DR700 Inflatable Shelter

DR900 Combination Shelter, Inflatable Head, Static Sides