Dock Levellers

Dockright levellers have been designed to ‘bridge the gap’ between the loading bay and the vehicle, ensuring loading and unloading is safe. Using a leveller, goods can be moved in and out of the vehicle with one straight movement whether you are using cages, forklifts or pallet trucks.
Our levellers have been designed and tested in accordance to BS EN1398/2009, meaning they fully comply with all European legislation.

Dockright strongly recommend that you do not purchase a dock leveller from a manufacturer that cannot provide you with the relevant test certificate and documents to show their levellers comply with all BSi requirements. If you are unsure whether or not a manufacturer complies you can get help from Alem, the Association of Loading and Elevating Equipment Manufacturers.

When you buy a Dockright leveller you can be confident that you are buying a superbly manufactured, reliable and fully compliant machine.